District Dental is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our team and patients. Rest easy knowing that we are following and exceeding all guidelines set out by the Alberta Dental Association and local health authorities.

Dentists do not fall under the Alberta Restrictions Exemption Program, and are not required to ask for vaccination status. Patients are not required to provide proof of vaccination, or a negative rapid test prior to receiving care. 

For more information regarding dental Covid-19 protocols in AB, please refer to the Alberta Dental Association and College

PPE and Precautions: 

When you arrive, you will notice our team members wearing masks. These masks are for your safety and the safety of our front-line team. Other PPE and precautions include:

  • Our clinical staff wear gowns, level 3 surgical masks, hair caps, gloves and a face shields (during aerosolized procedures) to protect our patients and themselves
  • Our support team wears masks while inside the office and perform hand washing as per usual IPC requirements
  • We monitor the health of every team member each day by measuring their temperature and screening for symptoms
  • We require staff who feel ill to stay at home
  • Upon check-in, we take patient temperature and require patients to complete Covid-19 screening forms
  • We require patients to use hand sanitizer (provided) and wear a mask covering your nose and mouth (except during treatment). If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you.

Enhanced Sanitation:

We have audited all of our already high safety and sanitation standards at our clinic and have further enhanced them. When visiting our clinic you can expect:

  • After each patient, our team disinfects high contact points.These areas include: door handles, iPads, payment terminals, and any surfaces touched by patients.
  • We continue to follow and exceed the sanitation process for dental equipment, and for treatment and exam rooms, as outlined by the Canadian Dental Association
  • We equip our clinic with an in-house water filtration system that supplies clean water to every treatment and exam room, and with a medical grade HEPA air filtration system.

Social Distancing:

Alberta Health Services recommends we leave 2 meters of distance between each other. We have implemented the following changes to help:

  • We’ve set a limit on the number of people in the clinic at a time. Only the patient with the appointment should come inside, unless you are a patient requiring aid (ie: a minor or person with a disability).
  • In the reception area, markers to show where patients should stand to maintain 2m.
  • After checking in, we seat patients in their private, enclosed treatment or exam room. This minimizes the transmission of aerosols in the clinic.
  • We have spaced the chairs in the patient lounge to be 2m apart and have removed all magazines, toys, etc.
  • We stagger our lunch breaks in order to achieve social distancing in our break room.