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Smile with Confidence

Your oral health affects your quality of life. At District Dental, our expert dental health care team treats your smile, and provides you with everything you need to improve your oral health and so you can smile with confidence.

Latest Technology

Technology in dentistry changes often. At District Dental, we feel it is important to stay ahead of the curve. We use equipment such as:
• LightScalpel CO2 laser
• Intraoral cameras
• Digital bite assessment
• Digital panoramic x-rays
• CBCT 3D imaging

Disease & Infection Control

Your health is important to us. Not only do we follow, but exceed, the strict sanitization procedures as set out by the Alberta Dental Association (ADA):
• Surgical grade HEPA air filtration system
• In-house water filtration system
• Autoclave steam sterilization
• PPE protocols
• Fully enclosed operatories


We direct bill most dental insurance companies/ Other payment options include:
• Cash
• Credit card
• Paybright financing

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Our Services

General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Orthodontic Dentistry

Don’t Forget to Visit your Dentist!

The key to oral health is daily hygiene and regular dental visits. To help you and your family maintain optimal oral health, we offer the following dental health services:

General dentistry

• Oral health exams
• X-rays
• Dental fillings
• Dental cleanings/scalings
• Root canals
• Bleeding gums
• Toothloss prevention
• Gum recession

Cosmetic dentistry

• Digital smile design (SmileFy)
• Clear aligners (Clearcorrect)
• Porcelain and composite veneers
• Teeth whitening in-office and take-home
• Metal free fillings

Restorative dentistry

• Dental implants and bone grafting
• Dental crowns and bridges
• Digital bite evaluation

Pediatric dentistry

• Orthodontics
• Lip and tongue ties
• Oral appliances

Meet the District Dental Team

Dr Stas Pavlenko general dentist

Dr. Stas Pavlenko, DDS

General Dentist

Teresa Swierczynski, RDA

Teresa Swierczynski, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant

Dr Eddie Pavlenko DDS

Dr. Eddie Pavlenko, DDS

General Dentist

Ilda Mauro, RDA

Ilda Mauro, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant

Caitlyn Duplika, RDH

Caitlyn Dupilka, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Anastasiia Velychko sterilization technician

Anastasiia Velychko

Sterilization Technician

Teresa Hopkin RDH

Teresa Hopkin, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Kateryna Pavlenko practice manager

Kateryna Pavlenko, BA

Practice Manager

Chelsea Kuchik, RDA

Chelsea Kuchik, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant


Ruzanna Harutyunyan

Front End Coordinator

Dental Care for The Whole Family


General Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry


Restorative Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry


Oral Appliances


Sleep Dentistry

General Dentistry Practice

DISTRICT DENTAL is a full service, family dental practice. Our goal is to improve your life with a comprehensive approach to your unique needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are bonded or white fillings?

Bonded fillings are a tooth-coloured mix of plastic and ceramic. Often called composite, plastic, or white fillings, a bonded filling is a procedure in which your dentist cleans all decay from the tooth and applies a bonding agent inside the cavity. Dentists then apply a tooth-coloured resin material, in thin layers, into the cavity and harden it with a LED blue light. Once the last layer of the filling is hard, your dentist shapes the filling, restoring or improving a person’s smile. Bonded fillings are almost undetectable.

What is gum disease?

Gum/periodontal disease is an inflammatory process of the bone and associated structures around the tooth. It is caused by localized bacterial invasion and chronic inflammation and is often painless. You may not know you have gum disease. Some people only notice after significant bone loss has occurred, an irreversible process, and their teeth become loose, resulting in tooth loss.

When should I bring my child in for their first dental first dental visit?

We suggest following the recommendation of the Canadian Dental Association. They recommend infants to see a dentist within 6 months of their first tooth erupting or by one year of age. Remember, prevention is key!

Why do dentists screen for sleep disordered breathing?

Dentists work intimately with the structures of your face and jaws. Since your breathing involves these structures, that makes dentists uniquely positioned to educate and screen their patients for sleep disordered breathing.

I can’t say enough good things about this place. They are amazing. Their dentists, hygienists and staff are extremely kind, professional and competent. I highly recommend them, they managed to do the imposible: making going to the dentist and enjoyable experience. Thank you!
– a very happy patient.

Ashley B.

source: Google reviews

After receiving a recommendation from a friend, I started going to District Dental 2 years ago. Unfortunately for me, there was lots of work to be done. The staff at District are always extremely nice, considerate and professional. Dr. Stas is a wonderful dentist; efficient, knowledgeable, willing to take the time to explain procedures and just a plain nice guy. He and his staff are very personable and work hard to make my dental appointments a pleasure (as much as dental work can be a pleasure). I highly recommend Dr. Stas and his practice at District Dental.

Bob V.

source: Google reviews

I saw Dr. Stas for a frenectomy with my 5 month old and was very impressed! It was my baby’s second correction and Dr. Stas took the extra time to make sure all the previous scar tissue was properly released. Now I can nurse him properly again and feel confident that his oral development is on the right track.

Amy F.

source: Google reviews

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