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Ukraine needs your help

The war in Ukraine is preventing front-line doctors from accessing medical equipment and supplies. Learn how you can help.

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smile with confidence

You’ve hidden your smile behind your mask for too long. It’s time to treat yourself custom whitening. Learn how we make custom whitening trays.

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Your oral health affects your quality of life. At District Dental, our expert dental health care team treats your smile, and provides you with everything you need to improve your oral health and so you can smile with confidence. DISTRICT DENTAL is a full service, family dental practice. Our goal is to improve your life with a comprehensive approach to your unique needs.

What’s happening at the backyard?

The Backyard is a one of a kind gathering place that can be transformed to accommodate all types of events. From yoga classes to concerts to private events, their programming brings energy & creativity to Ice District.

we made the playoffs!

It is an exciting time for Edmonton hockey fans. Playoffs start Monday, May 2. Watch for upcoming Cup watch parties happening in the Ice District Plaza.

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