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Dental Anxiety Solutions

Your fear of the dental chair shouldn’t stop you from taking care of your dental health — as it is an important component to your overall well-being. If you’re apprehensive about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. District Dental understands your anxiety and will work with you to control your fears. Our non-rushed approach to dentistry allows you to move at your own pace. Our staff listens to your concerns and gauges your comfort levels throughout each and every procedure.

District Dental highly recommends that you book a consultation prior to your visit to go over any and all concerns you may have in regards to your oral health. This gives you the opportunity to meet our professional team and allows you to discuss your overall needs before ever sitting in a dental chair.

Our office also utilizes oral conscious sedation when necessary to make your visit more comfortable, allowing you to relax and feel at ease throughout your procedure. This sedation is given through an mild oral sedative tablet which is administered half an hour prior to treatment.

Preparing for your appointment with sedation:

  • Please be aware that you will not be able to drive following sedation, therefore it is necessary to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment.
  • You will need the remainder of the day to recover from the sedation, so plan ahead with work or other responsibilities.
  • Use of caution is advised as you may feel off-balance and may require assistance.

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